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Surveillance Systems
R&S Powerfence provides many options to clients looking for additional security. We  custom design a surveillance system to suit your specific needs. Surveillance systems, used in conjunction with our Powerfence, provide you with the utmost in peace of mind. The camera options are unlimited, so we find the best product that fits your need.  Contact us for free estimate and information.

* parking lot cameras                            * night visison cameras
* pan tilt zoom cameras                        * IP MP cameras
* vandal proof cameras                         * weather proof cameras
* 24/7 motion detect systems                * vehicle ID cameras
* motion trigger intelligence                   * Hi speed dome cameras
* intelligence tracking cameras              

Equine surveillance systems
To see and monitor your activities at the barn, tack room, riding arena, stable, and delivery area
Night vision  even at a pitch black area  call us today

HIK Turret   night vision    25meter  4MP    IP network camera 
(pitch black - no light at all)
FLIR  night vision  25m  4mp   (PB133) IP network  camera   
( pitch black night - no light at all)

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