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Powerfences... the true fence that keeps all out!

R&S Powerfence specializes in developing fencing systems tailored to your specific needs. If you are looking to  keep livestock in enclosures, prevent wildlife from destroying crops or deter intruders from trespassing on your property, R&S Powerfence has the fencing solution for you. Unlike other perimeter systems, the Powerfence  system actively deters would-be intruders and escape artists from breaching the fence, while being  completely unaffected by elements such as: wind, rain,snow, sleet and fog (most of which cause false alarms in other systems). You will not experience false  alarms with an R&S Powerfence, when the system calls you, there has been a breach.Powerfence systems are ideal for the protection of external perimeter   fences, walls, roofs or boundaries. When touched, the fence delivers a  short, sharp shock and sends an alert of the attempted breach. The  Powerfence system is permanently on site, securing your property  24/7/365, providing you with peace of mind. The Powerfence can be mounted on top of an existing fence wall or a custom fence can be built. While designing the system, care is taken to  ensure that the Powerfence is correctly applied and that no "man traps"  are created. The Powerfence can be extended to a maximum of 60cm  above the existing fence or wall to prevent climbing.    Many of our satisfied Powerfence system    owners have reported that they   recovered the initial cost oftheir installation in a matter of months. This has been achieved by stopping any further crime or loss and the reduction of other associated security and management costs. 

Benefits of Powerfencing:
1.Comparatively low cost 
2.Easily constructed and maintained 
4.Easy to test functionality 
5.Reduced complications associated with strip grazing and back fencing 
6.Encourages additional subdivision of property, which generates   production 
7.Electrified offset wires can be attached to existing and non-electric  fences to 
protect and extend their life
8.The system monitors the Powerfence performance 
9.The electrical current is at a safe level so animals are uninjured if   they are forced to come in contact with the fence
10. The system can be set up to call you when there has been a breach
11. The quantity of power fencing materials is readily available
12. Powerfences are low profile, do not deter from the natural   environment and are aesthetically pleasing
13. Trespassers are discouraged from entering your property
14. Energizer models use regular DC outlets, battery power or solar   power
15. One machine can cover up to 220km 
16. A two year warranty is included with the purchase of a Powerfence   systems
17. It can be setup to text you the status of the fence.
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